BLACK+DECKER KC3610 3.6V NiCd Cordless Screw Driver Kit (Orange, 10- Accessories included)

BLACK+DECKER KC3610 3.6V NiCd Cordless Screw Driver Kit (Orange, 10- Accessories included)

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Price history for BLACK+DECKER KC3610 3.6V NiCd Cordless Screw Driver Kit (Orange, 10- Accessories included)
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  • Rs. 1,099 - November 15, 2017
  • Rs. 699 - October 7, 2017
  • Rs. 899 - September 4, 2017
Since: September 4, 2017
  • Highest Price: Rs. 1,099 - November 15, 2017
  • Lowest Price: Rs. 699 - October 7, 2017

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Lowest price Product: BLACK+DECKER KC3610 3.6V NiCd Cordless Screw Driver Kit (Orange, 10- Accessories included) - Rs. 1,099


UPDATE( 06/04/2017) : for video Review with complete explanation & Demo, please check video on my the youtube channel - sameers reviewroom.I have being Using this Screw Driver for 1 YEAR now. I am a MECHANICAL ENGINEER and have used this product very Rigorously for many Projects.Following are the Pros and Cons Observed by me,--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pros :1) It can UNSCREW everything except the Hinges of the furniture. That can also be Done, but you need to Loose the screws initially and then use this Screwdriver.2) Has lot of Torque Adjustment. I have Used this product to Unscrew Laptop screws ( requires very Delicate Pressure) to Tightening C-Clamp ( requires High Torque).3) Best feature is NO-SLIP setting. The very Last setting( See the IMAGE for Details ) of torque Locks the Gearing Mechanism and Avoids any SLIP possible. This can be used for High torque projects.4) It has nice Locking Mechanism, which Avoids the device to Start when False Trigger is Pressed.( See the IMAGE for Details ).5) Handle Swing Mechanism is also very useful , when you Don't have Space to work in GUN position OR need Extra Pressure to apply from your side.6) Battery Light Indicator shows intensity of battery in REAL TIME. ( All 3 Lights On- Full Charged, 2 Lights On - Half Battery, Red Light On - Low Battery ).7) On Full Charge, battery lasts for 5 - 6 Hrs. of continuous Load. The battery Backup varies as Per Torque Adjustments. It takes almost 3 Hrs.for complete Charge.8) Handy LED Light, Not that useful but Serves the purpose. ( See the IMAGE for Details ).9) It is Cordless, So you can Take it Anywhere you want and use it at Any Location.10) Finally it Looks very Aesthetic.Cons :1) Feels BULKY when you need to operate for Delicate Project, rest there is No Issue.2) LED DOES NOT Lights the area properly.( See the IMAGE for Details )3) One of Bit ( CR-V2 ) slightly DISTORTED at the Top. ( See IMAGE for Details )------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------USEFUL TIPS to EXTEND LIFE & APPLICABILITY :1) DO NOT Use the screw driver on MANUAL MODE.that is by turning device OFF DO NOT SCREW or UNSCREW. If you use the device Manually IT WILL DAMAGE the GEARING MECHANISM and Ultimately complete device.2) DO NOT cover the Vents( See the IMAGE ) with any Sticky-Tape or anything.This will cause the Machine to Heat-Up and Reduce the Life.3) IF you want to Extend the Bit collection for this machine. Purchase any Multi-Purpose Screwdriver or just Extra Bits, REMEMBER to Get the Bit of Exact Same Size or Smaller Size.It will Cost you NOT MORE THAN 500 Rupees.Then use Socket Extension Adapter of Proper Size, just like One provided in Original Package. Now you have various Range of Bit Compared to ONLY 15 in Original Package.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------VERDICT :For the Given Price, its the Best Power-CORDLESS Screw Driver you Can Get in Market. Remember to Follow the Above Precautionary Tips and You are Good to Go with the Screw Driver for Long Time.Thank You.
BySameer Patil - January 5, 2017
I have bought this (KC 4815) in a lightening deal. Believe me guys, its the best thing you can get at the price tag with such a reputed brand.Many of them have reviewed so deep that I wont repeat the points again.There are six torque settings and you can experience them once you use them. I have not understood the last 3 settings though.You will have excellent grip while usage and will praise yourself for deciding to buy this.The reason behind me rating it as 4* is it lacks one feature. Its not at all a drawback but yes, when you have used other power tools, you will feel this issue. It should have the feature of 'Rotation speed control' as the electric drills do have. The amount of pressure you apply to the power button, that will decide the rotation speed.It could have helped more. Nevertheless, Just go for this blindly.I will update the review if needed.
Sameer Patil - August 29, 2017
very good quality and love that its rechargeable , I had a lot of old bits from B&D fits perfectly
ByKEDAR - June 17, 2017
Best piece of equipment I baught in given price. This one works very well for all your screwing 😉 needs. Reduces effort and fun to play around with. Good torque with different adjustme. Good for electronic and automobile mechanical work
KEDAR - September 4, 2017
Nice product,product quality is good and its very handy. Not used for much task that is the reason I gave it 4 star. I will say go for it, it's value for money product.
ByAnoop Pinto - July 22, 2017
Good for home purpose. Don't expect this to do heavy duty work.But a very good one for home.
Anoop Pinto - June 28, 2017
I did start using it after a few days from buying it. I found it use for low-torque requirements. Did full charge it and has not used it much more efficiently or on a daily basis to comment how long one charge lasts. Overall I was happy with the product and did serve my purpose
ByAmazon Customer - August 3, 2017
Pretty good product. Saves quite some time & efforts compared to manual.The RPM speed is low for drilling (but that's not what it is meant for) but good enough for the purpose.Although you can buy the hex shank drill bits which work on MDF well.
Amazon Customer - July 27, 2017

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Flat 50% OFF On BLACK+DECKER KC3610 3.6V NiCd Cordless Screw Driver Kit (Orange, 10- Accessories included). Buy From At Lowest Price In India With Features, Reviews, Ratings & Specifications.


  • Material: Plastic, Color: Orange
  • Item Dimension: 135mm x 55mm x 130mm
  • Package Contents: 3.6V Nicd screwdriver, 7 x 25 mm Screwdriver bit, 2 x 50mm Screwdriver bit, 1 x Magnetic bit holder and Wall charger
  • Warranty: 6 months comprehensive on the product
  • 3.6V Ni-Cd unit for screwing applications with 10 accessories bit set
  • Speeds up to 200 cycles/minute
  • Has forward and reverse functionality

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