Pampers New Large Size Diapers Pants (48 Count) At Rs.502 Only On Amazon

Pampers New Large Size Diapers Pants (48 Count) At Rs.502 Only On Amazon

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This 1 star is for P&G, not for Amazon.I was a frequent buyer of this product as we use it for our son quite frequently in winters. Before 15th March whenever i placed the order, i received a genuine product of Pamper Diaper Pants XL Size which actually had Magic Gel in it, and my son never had any problem with this, even sometimes he used to sleep more than 8 hours in the night. I again bought 2 packet though we already had 10-15 diapers but the discount was good so i ordered it from Seller "Olympia". I received the same on 17th March 2016 and as i used the product before also so never cared to open it. On 25th When i opened first packet, i find out the product is different from the previous one, so i thought they may have changed the design. After 4-5 hour, my son started to cry and we tried to calm him down but he did not stop. We removed the diaper as he was itching down there and find out there was red marks near his groin area, we called our doctor and he suggested a cream and we also used a powder from Johnson & Johnson for Rashes. I again checked the product and opened the second package and it turn out the packing of the product was of original one but inside, the product was different. Then i bought 2 diapers of original Pamper from nearby chemist shop and compared both products and find the product which i received from Amazon was Fake or Inferior quality product. I immediately called Amazon customer care and they advised me to click a photograph and send a mail on Customer care as according to Amazon new policy they cannot replace "Diapers". I instantly sent a mail to Amazon customer care regarding the issue and asked for my refund and within 2-4 hours i received a mail of apology and my refund was initiated at the same time and was asked to have trust one more time on Amazon and they will do something regarding the product.You can clearly see the difference which i have mentioned below by yourself in uploaded photograph :-1. The design is different on both products and the original Pamper is bit heavier than the product which i received from Amazon2. The original Pamper diaper have written "Front" which is clearly missing in diaper which i received from Amazon3. The product which i received is heavily Scented but not original one4. You can see the so called "Magic Gel" on left side "Original" Pamper diaper is on "Front" only, and in right one "Front" and "Back" also. Don't think anyone need "magic gel" in back of a diaper so it can absorb the poop of their child.I trusted on Amazon, and again placed an order of Pampers XL size diaper from another retailer Cloudtail but this time also i got the same product which i had earlier. Again sent a complaint to Amazon, and received my refund. Then i took one step ahead, and called P&G Customer care and as most of us think the fake or counterfeited products are sold by Seller on Amazon but i was shocked to know P&G is the only Autorized retailer on Amazon who is responsible of selling this product. I was informed, other than me no one have ever complained regarding this product, not even Amazon. I forwarded my complaint sent to Amazon along with photograph to P&G and they are looking into this matter now. I hope they will come with a solution earliest as it's not about getting the refund for your product, but trust, which in so many years P&G products have built in India. I also request you to call Amazon & P&G customer care as soon as find this product counterfeited or fake.
ByManish - March 31, 2016
I have always associated quality with Pampers and this product has not let me down. It is lightweight and mildly scented. Unless baby wets really heavily, it easily lasts 2-3 hours (I change diapers every 3 hours, irrespective of how wet it is). At night, baby may not need a change at all. A common problem with pant-style diapers is that it leaves marks on the baby's waist. My baby weighs 12 kgs currently, and I'm using XL size (12-17 kg) and it is the perfect fit for him. If you can find out the correct size for your child, there will be no marks. The waistband is also soft and non-itchy. I am quite happy with the product and I recommend it to all discerning mothers. Also, buying from Amazon ensures that you get some discount!
Manish - July 14, 2017
Very apt diapers for my baby.Stays dry for longer time compared to other diapers. There is extra leakage protection which keeps my babies dry for a longer time.The smell of the diapers is also great .I have not expereienced any diaper rash or leakage till now with the use of these diapers. The gel layer is comparitively better compared to other diapers.Also the pricing is competitive.However i urge amazon to have mroe offers for moms like me who have twin babies :).This is suitable for both boys and girls. I am always concern free during the nights.It has a 12 hour protection window including the morning soiling of diaper.Unlike other diapers the potty stays inside.Easy removable diapers as well and the lock is strong.My babies stay happy in these diapers for long.The waist band has a very comfortable fit to the baby.
BySatabdi Mukherjee - August 18, 2017
New Pampers baby dry pants style diapers have 3 extra absorb channels which ensures that the wetness in the diaper is uniformly distributed. The magic gel layer locks wetness inside and offers long hours of dryness and a diaper easily lasts overnight. The flexibile waist band on these pants adapts make for a comfortable fit for my toddler and do not leave any marks or rash even when she is moving around. The fit is such that the diaper is airy when worn and the moisture of the skin is also retained. Easy to put on for my hyperactive toddler and I also feel the pack is reasonable priced. With all the benefits that these new pant style diapers offer, these are definitely value for money. Highly recommended to parents of infants and toddlers!
Satabdi Mukherjee - July 15, 2017
So, I did not know what to get for my friend while she was visiting me from out of town. I browsed through Amazon and wondered what to get her which would not stress her with her luggage weight on the flight back. Funny, but I somehow made myself get her some pampers (at a reasonable rate too) that her baby would use during their stay here. The remaining unused ones could be taken in nooks and corners of her suitcase. She came home and told me she never used Pampers as she had heard that babies got rashes after wearing them. I told her I only used Pampers. Hesitantly, she tried them on her baby just because I got them for her and she was HAPPY! The diaper absorbed the fluids well without making her baby uncomfortable and cranky. She was amazed with the pull-up pants and said it was a blessing to travel with. While removing, you can tear the sides and ta-daaaaaa, the legs are still clean. Now, I am ordering another 60 because she wants to take it in her handbag.
BySwati Maranganti - July 12, 2017
Excellent fitting and great absorption capacity. Pampers diapers are my and my baby's favourite. They are complete value for money too. Their absorbtion capacity is high therefore they last for a longer period of time,keeping the baby dry and comfortable always. Their cloth like feel is gentle on baby's skin. My daughter has extra dry skin but in spite of the dryness, she has never suffered rashes as the material used in Pampers diapers is very soft. Highly recommended. Even after prolonged use, my baby has never been irritable of uncomfortable. Have used them since my kids were newborns and will keep using till they are fully toilet trained.
Swati Maranganti - August 8, 2017

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Flat 33% OFF On Pampers New Large Size Diapers Pants (48 Count). Buy From At Lowest Price In India With Features, Reviews, Ratings & Specifications.


  • New and Improved Pampers Pants.
  • Revolutionary 3 extra absorb channels that help distribute wetness evenly
  • These diaper pants have magic gel that locks wetness away for up to 12 hours of dryness
  • Flexible waist band on these diaper pants adapts to baby’s movements for comfortable fit
  • Breathable soft belt and leg cuffs to help air circulate and keep your baby’s skin fresh
  • Baby lotion that moisturizes and nourishes your baby’s skin to protect it from diaper rash and irritation

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